Hot Melt Use In Box Sealing Equipment and Box Sealing Machines


Box sealing equipment and box sealing machines are typically used to seal boxes and cases on a assembly line. Box sealers commonly use tape, hot melt, cold glue, or a combination of hot and cold glue.

Box sealers come in many different styles and functions to fit your specific needs. Box sealing equipment ranges from semi-automatic sealers to fully automatic case sealers and both styles can be designed to function with random case sizes and uniform box sizes.

If your company currently has a box sealing machine that uses hot melt adhesive as a part of the sealing process ITW Dynatec has parts and equipment that will fit your box sealer.WE offer high-quality brand-new replacement parts and modules for Nordson® Zero Cavity H-200 and more.

Did you know hot melt Hose Failure can shut down your box sealing equipment?

Hot Melt Hose heater or temperature sensor failures are the primary cause for hose failure in box sealers. Untill now their hasn't been a cost effective way to prevent hot melt adhesive hoses failure on box sealing equipment. In the past when a hose heater or a temperature sensor fails the production line stops.

The new Gemini™ Hose with Run Fail™ Technology will not shut down your box sealing machines due to hose failure. The Gemini hose gives you the insurance that a hose heater or temperature failure won’t shut down your production line.

Learn more about the Gemini™ Redundant Circuit Hot Melt Hose for box sealing equipment

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Below is a list of hot melt adhesive equipment commonly used in the packaging industry:

Hot Melt Adhesive Supply Units
Automatic Hot Melt Adhesive Applicators
Hot Melt Adhesive Hoses
Hot Melt Adhesive Nozzles
Hot Melt Adhesive Feeders
Cold Glue Equipment and Pattern Controls
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